Alex Sparrow

Full stack software engineer and fractional CTO | Github | LinkedIn | Twitter

A freelance software engineer based in London. I have worked at CERN, Palantir, Improbable and Oak North, building complex data-intensive applications and leading large engineering teams.

Software is useless until it is used. I believe in delivering software rapidly to users or customers without sacrificing quality or maintainability. I have extensive experience building, fixing and maintaining complex data-intensive systems as well as delivering analytics and insights to users via the latest web technologies.

I can also provide technical leadership as a fractional CTO, technical lead or engineering manager. If you are interested in hearing more, please get in touch via and I will arrange a free call.


  • Beampipe - privacy focussed web analytics
  • Quartic - Data engineering and orchestration platform
  • - NLP powered event aggregator for craft beer events
  • screencatcher - Fully browser-based screeen recorder tool
  • Sigurd - Toy programming language in Rust

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